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A Guide to Modern Interior Design with WallArt 3D Wall Panels

WallArt 3D Wall panels that are custom crafted for you

Everyone has a unique and personable choice, and the creation of WallArt Wall Panels includes all distinct features and textures that make each wall panel a perfect fit for your style and interior furnishing. When you are looking for different textures, styles, and colors in wall panels, few tips can help you make the right selection.

Selecting the  most viable option

It goes without saying that the affair of a home makeover is an overwhelming experience for each and every family member. A brilliant home remodeling with WallArt Wall Panels can make your home not just beautiful but adds a sense of style which may be lacking in other houses. Quite contrary to typical interior design projects, a custom 3D wall panels allows the home to share its radiance and alter the entire layout for imbuing with a new look. This implies that a 3D wall panel is a breath of fresh air amidst the dull, predictable and boring interior design.

MDF 3D wall panels : These type of acrylic wall panels 3d wall panels is made by compacting and eventual processing of plywood or MDF sheets. It can be easily laminated, painted or veneered to add a glow or reflection.

Bamboo panels : There is nothing to think that 3D wall paneling is not for you when you have a strict budget. Panels made of bamboo are eco-friendly, elegant and the most feasible option for those with a stringent budget. These individualistic finishing materials can be recycled and repaired without the need for throwing away the entire panel.

Gypsum wall panel designs : when installed correctly, these 3D wall panels can add a beautiful volume and texture to your dull concrete walls. It looks like a picturesque panorama without any signs of nicks, joints and transitions and your guests will be dumbstruck when they witness the stylish monolithic image on your walls.

Textured panels : This are great for all types of wall decoration since they are made from a huge variety of raw materials that include glass, gypsum, plastic, plywood, timber components and several others. But before the 3D wall panels are presented to the users, they are required to go through numerous processes, the most vital of which is treating the material with proper equipment to create the perfect 3D effect. The finishing of the outer layer depends on the panel material which is coated with a protective covering to enhance its durability.

A Guide to Modern Interior Design with 3D Wall Panels

When you enter an interior landscape, be it a home or a commercial premise, the first thing that would draw your attention is the décor of the place. A stunningly designed interior with 3D wall panels can create an impression upon your guests and visitors. If you are a homeowner you will want your home to look impressive and beautiful with a difference; your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and be tempted in visiting your place over and over again.

Preventing moisture intrusion – The 3D wall panels are made from high performance and durable polystyrene material with a minimum thickness of 100mm. It proffers low absorption levels and an excellent prevention against moisture and condensation on the walls making it suitable for both interior and exterior usage.

With these fascinating designs, it will be hard for you to believe that it is the same old place where you had been living or working for years together. With customizable options, these modern wall panels can be crafted with such minute detailing and precision that you will feel such masterpieces are made for your place only. You can add images, photo frames, and accessories or simply leave the walls by themselves and see the magic happen.

Decorating the lifeless walls with soulful designs

The individuality and specialty of the 3D textured wall panels is that they are mostly made from environment-friendly and sustainable resources. You just name a color and you get it in the WallArt Wall Panels.  Whenever you feel a need to change the interior landscape of your office or home, 3D wall paneling is a must try. You can also look for innovative designs in the internet, and get those designs imprinted on the wall panels.

Tempered glass panels : This kind of 3D panels is perfect if you want a strong design for your walls. A tempered glass panel is about 6 times stronger than conventional glass panels and it very difficult to break it unless someone intentionally hits it with a hammer.

Proffering a fire-proof wall – Each and every modern wall panels have passed through stringent fireproofing test for being approved as a fireproof material. Therefore, with these panels, you can rest assured that your walls and its accessories would remain harmless.

Benefits of installing 3D wall paneling

3D wall panels are not just meant to beautify your wall; they offer a host of other advantages that make them the most viable option for decorating the walls.

Waterproof panels : If you are looking for WallArt Wall Panels that would be perfect for your washrooms both regarding efficacy and durability, you can have a look at the extensive range of 3D panels that are especially created for use in bathrooms. Their surreal landscape, intricate patterns and lovely textures can change the look of your washroom.

Offering thermal insulation – The EPS squeezing foam which is widely acclaimed for providing matchless insulation, is used in the 3D wall paneling for reducing the loss of heat. It is also great for making a cozy and comfortable interior space irrespective of the temperature fluctuations during the colder months.

Decorative PVC 3D wall panels : this is yet another wonderful option of decorative wall panels that can be designed, decorated and colored according to the needs of the home and existing interior design. These fashionable panels are comparatively cheaper, low weight and resilient to stress and stains.