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WallArt Wall Décor Panels create an Art Wall !

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been decorating our walls. We advanced from etchings of everyday life on cave walls to painted murals, mosaics, tiles and gaudy 1970s flurries of floral. The early 21st century left our walls fairly unadorned, but we can’t help notice that wall decor is back with a bang. Texture, pattern, bright or white – we’re sprucing up our partitions again. The WallArt 3D Wall Panels that have
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New Waves design introduction of eco friendly 3d-wallpanels!

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the brand new waves design as one of the newly presented models within our product range of 3d wall panels. In total this brings our line of design to 20 models. Enough choice to fit every type of room in your house or office or other space to decorate, whether you look for a classic or trendy or modern design WallArt will give your interior that extra dimension you are lookin
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Go Green on your Walls, Go WallArt !

3d Wall Panels by WallArt WallArt will bring your walls to life with their 3D Eco-friendly wall panels that are made from the fibrous remains of sugarcane also called bagasse. This material is usually discarded after the sugar making process and is one of the world’s most renewable sources because sugarcane can be harvested up to 3 times a year (depending on the climate). This raw material is now used for WallArt 3d-
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WallArt 3d Wall panels made from Eco Friendly Sugarcane Bagasse recycled material WallArt – Eco-Friendly Wall Décor

In these days and times, everyone is jumping on the conservation bandwagon, and for good reason.  We’re trying to ensure our survival here.  Though we don’t think about it, even the paint and wallpaper in our homes has environmental impact.  In comes WallArt.  This Dutch company creates 3D Eco-friendly wall panels that are made from the fibrous remains of sugar cane called bagasse.  This material is usually discarded
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How Can Sugarcane be Cool and Modern

The sugarcane is nothing more than an overgrown grass and you’d not normally think of it as a material for a modern interior design. Apply some simple magic to it and you get recycled sugarcane wall panels – a highly fashionable interior design item in the USA. Now also available in Europe. The sugarcane wall panels are made from reclaimed sugarcane fibres that are left over after harvesting the sugar juice. These fi
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