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Reinvent Your House with WallArt 3D Wall Panels

With these decorative wall panels, experience enhanced thermal insulation

WallArt Wall Panels feature EPS squeezing foaming polystyrene that helps in offering enhanced insulation effects. This allows the indoor temperature to remain constant for longer time duration irrespective of the weather conditions. As a result, you would experience a drastic reduction in energy costs. The working condition would be much comfortable due to the perfect temperature condition.

Safety from fire

These 3D decorative wall panels come with the fire-proofing feature. These modern day wall panels can withstand fire for nearly 2 hours at a stretch. This time is sufficient to notify firefighters and make their presence felt at the earliest without causing any damage to lives or properties. These panels are available for industrial, residential, and commercial properties. Install them and you could easily prevent some severe losses from causing to your properly. Also, their presence helps much in improvising the overall working conditions within office buildings while establishing an image of trust and safety.

Reinvent Your House’s Décor, with Awesome Modern 3d Wall Panels

3D wall panels can be a wonderful addition to your home interiors.  3D textured wall panels bring uniqueness to the house décor. There are different types of three-dimensional wall panels available. It varies from one user to another as to select the correct type as per their tastes and interior décor.  These panels provide a beautiful impression of three dimensions design and texture. This is where the beauty lies. They are available in different shapes and sizes. At the same time, they can also be customized depending entirely on the needs and preferences of the user.

3D wall panels are gaining in popularity these days because of the multiple sets of advantages that come with them. Also, they look fabulous on the walls. One of the best examples is WallArt Wall Panels.

However, before you install one of these, have a look at the advantages they bring

These wall panels can be installed at every part of your house

The modern day 3D wall panels offer enough flexibility. As a result, they can be installed anywhere in the house without much of effort. They can be easily installed in residential properties, office spaces, hotels, coffee shops, nightclubs, airport terminals, company lobbies, bars, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. They are installed in areas where there needs to be some improvement for the interior designing part. These wall panels can also be installed outdoors. However, before their use, the walls need to be waterproofed using best quality mortar.

3D wall panel variations and types

Decorative wall panels are available in different textures, finishes, and variations. However, the greatest effects can be observed with panels that are perfectly lit and finished in light color shades. If you use darker shades, the effects will be more subtle. However, it will depend on entirely upon your tastes and likings regarding the atmosphere you want to create. The 3D indoor panels are available in both raw as well different finishes.  On the other hand, the outdoor panels are usually available in raw form. They receive the finishing touch only post the installation because of their flexibility part.

Let’s have a look at different variants of 3D wall panels available:

Raw Finish

Both interior as well exterior panels are available in raw form. If you are planning for DIY painting, it is highly recommended to opt for MDF primer that must be followed by a couple of coats of acrylic paint. However, the paint must be applied as per guidelines mentioned in the manufacturing manual. Also, never forget about the sanding part between the coats.

With this option, you have an unlimited color choice to deal with. Also, it promises easy installation and shorter lead time.

Vinyl Finish

In this variant, vinyl layer (decorative enough) is pressed on the surface of the panel. This offers high durability and attractive visual appeal. Vinyl finish is available in different range of neutral and whites, metallic, earthy colors, and wood gains in high gloss or satin finishing touch. They are scratch resistant and hard wearing.

Polyurethane Painted

Polyurethane paint also is an option that offers lustrous, beautiful finish. It also offers unlimited color selection in satin, matte, high gloss, and semi finish.

Polymer Panels

They can provide that rustic finishing touch. They can be easily painted in oil or water based exterior paint with primer.

These panels are totally soundproofed

You will find many 3D wall panels available in the market but not each of those comes with this unique quality. WallArt Wall Panels are only one of the selected few that promise to be totally soundproofed. Being soundproofed, these panels are extremely useful for installing in office spaces.  If your office is located close to the airport or railway station, this type of wall panels would be quite effective.  Again, soundproofed wall panels are also common for residential properties. They act as the best shield to prevent outside noise from entering and causing a distraction. Soundproofed wall panels also can be seen in music recording studios since they help in enhancing the sound quality.

3D wall panels take less time to get installed

With 3D wall panels, you will experience minimal construction time. If you are building a new house or trying to renovate the property, always opt for 3D wall panels since they reduce the overall development time.  These products are extremely durable and offer perfect insulation to your property. They offer fire and sound protection and promise to be lightweight. Also, they look great and enhance the décor. Installing them require minimal efforts. The project will get completed within a shorter time span, thus saving a significant amount of your money.

Perfect moisture proofing solution

3D wall panels are highly resistant to moisture. They comprise of performance foaming polystyrene that helps in preventing condensation on the walls once installed indoors. These panels can provide 100% moisture protection while ensuring your property to remain dry and perfectly intact all the time. Because of prevention from moisture, rats, bugs, and other pests and molds will not be troubling your property.