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Create The WOW Factor With a 3D Wall Panel

For the very best in decorative wall panels, look no further than WallArt Wall Decor. Only the original WallArt 3D Wall Panel will do as it truly recreates the highs and lows that only a superior 3D product can achieve. As all 3d Wall Panels come in chic and modern white, they will blend in with any décor and colour scheme, however, such is the quality that, if you want to paint the 3D walls a shade to suit your taste and furnishings, then go ahead - the result will be amazing. Don’t think for a minute that their use is restricted to home decoration as they are incredibly popular for businesses too, including offices, waiting rooms, restaurants and hotels.


The Versatility of 3D Wall Panels 

Whether a 3d Wall Panel is used to create a special look behind an ornament or to create a feature wall, there is no doubt that, especially with the use of natural or up/down lighting, their impression on all who see them will be to impress. The highs and lows created by each 3D shadow are fascinating and the image is so realistic, that people are amazed when they realise it has been created by WallArt Wall Decor. With 24 different designs to choose from, including bamboo for those quiet areas and metal, wood and leather for both traditional and contemporary interior design, there are wall art 3D panels to suit every room.  


Beautiful and Safe For The Environment

Being environmentally aware is important these days and to use eco-friendly products, whenever possible, is essential. We are proud to say that all our decorative wall panels are made from a 100% recyclable natural fibre called Bagasse, a residual product from harvested sugar cane. All our 3D wall decor panels will look pristine for a very long time, but, if it becomes necessary to change them, the natural fibres will break down in 45 to 60 days, without harming the planet, unlike other inferior products. Choose from many different options, including the stunning Ventura which creates 3D walls with a bedrock finish, or take a look at gorgeous Pitches, which is a cross between the swinging 60’s and a contemporary 3D wall art image. 


Simple Installation of Our Wall Art 3D Panels

There is nothing flimsy about our 3D Wall Panels, which, in turn, makes them very simple to hang. No need to get a professional in as all that is required are basic DIY skills. Home decoration has never been easier and our 3D wall decor will ensure a very special result for any interior design style, regardless of whether it is for a whole room or feature 3D walls. Buying our quality WallArt Wall Decor is straightforward, with so much 3D Wall Panel choice; take a look at the wonderful 3D wall art that we have on offer, perfect for home decoration and the workplace; make an interior design statement today.