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3D Wall Panels from WallArt for any room and Wall Decor

3D Wall Panels from WallArt for any room and Wall Decor

Welcome to the world of original 3d Wall Panels by WallArt. Forget about boring, bland walls, as they will come to life with this beautiful 3d wall decor. However, beware of cheap imitations because only our original panels will create that incredibly unique look which will last for a very long time. Choose from 24 different designs and looks, ranging from tranquil bamboo through to stylish leather, wood and metal. Each design offers its own special impact in any room, brightening up a dark corner or creating a stunning feature as only wall art 3D panels can do. WallArt designs offer contemporary individuality combined with character, so will fit in with any period or style of property - from country cottages to trendy loft apartments or smart, sophisticated commercial premises. 


Decorative Wall Panels For Any Room

With so many different designs to choose from, there will always be a 3D Wall Panel which will create the desired effect. From chic, such as Saiphs and Valeria through to the industrial look of Squares and Maxwell; the atmospheric qualities of this amazing 3D wall art should never be underestimated. Perhaps Cubes or Waves for a bathroom, creating a light and airy space to relax after a long day and maybe Bricks or Vaults for a kitchen, lounge or any modern space. All WallArt Wall Decor comes in stunning white, simplistic in its beauty, allowing them to fit in with any existing colour scheme, however, if a different shade is required, then they can easily be painted or sprayed; such is the superior quality of our 3d Wall Panels. 


Easy To Install 3d Wall Panels 

No need to bring in a professional as anyone with basic DIY skills can hang a 3D Wall Panel, whether it is for just a small area, one wall or a whole room. Equally popular in commercial premises as well as residential, they are the ideal solution for shops, restaurants, trade show displays, offices and hotels. Each 3D Wall Panel is perfect for creating a unique space that will truly make a statement, as only something as special and hard wearing as our wall art 3D panels can do. Accent or feature walls, using our decorative wall panels, will look amazing and make an impressive statement whilst adding an extra dimension to any room. 


Environmentally Friendly 3d Wall Panels

It is important to know that each 3D Wall Panel from WallArt is made from a 100% recyclable material, so, by using these extraordinarily decorative wall panels, no harm will come to the environment because all our 3D wall decor panels are made from Bagasse, a natural residual fibre from sugar cane. Take a look at the wonderful selection of 3D wall art designs that we have available and know that their superior quality will stand the test of time. WallArt Wall Decor offers the very best in 3D wall decoration panels available on the market today.