Wallart Original Brand
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About us

WallArt brings your walls to life with her modern and eco friendly decorative wall panels made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane. This fibres of crushed sugarcane stalks, remaining after raw sugar is extracted from the juice of the sugarcane by shredding it, is now the raw material, called bagasse, that forms the base of this easily installed eco friendly product. The raw material used for our 3D Wall Panel is 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable.

Recently chosen by interior designers in the United States as one of the best and most innovative eco friendly home decor product of the year. The WallArt 3D Wall Panels all are made out of renewable sources which are biodegradable and therefore contribute to sustainability. The WallArt 3dwallpanels are designed that when put together they form a pattern. After installing them they can be painted in every colour which fits the interior of your house or a new to be created style.

WallArt introduced their 3d-wall panels in Europe in 2010. They've been the first entering the market with this eco friendly home decor and interior product. At this moment there are 24 different models of the WallArt 3D Wall Panel available, for more information about them click on Our designs. The WallArt embossed panels give an extra dimension to your walls and they fit in almost every room of the house. The living room, the bedroom: WallArt 3d wallpanels bring your walls to life!


Our 3D plant fiber wall panels and decorative wall panels are eco-friendly and come in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns, textures and colors. They can be painted into any color of your choice and their lightweight and ease of install makes them a huge favorite among homeowners. Our decorative wall panels are easy to clean and maintain and provide a luxurious touch to the interior wall space at a reasonable price. With a range of patterns carved into their surface, these panels lend a delightful flowing pattern.


These decorative mosaic wall panels are not just inherently sturdy, but they are extremely versatile and can be crafted into almost any color, pattern or sizes. Perfectly suited to living rooms, dining rooms, night clubs, retail stores, shopping mall decoration, exhibition and trade shows, bar fronts, garden screens these panels give an extra dimension to the entire setting.if you are looking to bring a bit of sparkle to your special walls, then these decorative wall panels are for you.