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Ellipses, our 3D wallpaper, combine a classic circular shape with a contemporary look. It has a playful association with Lego and bubble wrap. Put multiple tiles together and you’ll get a stunning effect! This elegant yet fun 3Dboard will provide, not just an incredible feature, but also a talking point as the divine symmetrical circles flow from one to another, creating a glorious and unusual design. A short wall can be made to look longer and by keeping them in their pristine white, they can help to make a small room look bigger, lighter and brighter. Alternatively, you can be creative and paint them any colour you wish. 


Modern and bright, they will look amazing in any home or workplace where a chic, yet practical look is required. Ellipses circular shapes will play with your lighting, creating interesting shadows, highs and lows, especially when you are being indulgent with an open or living fire. Flickering candlelight and WallArt Ellipses will turn your room into a romantic haven. Ellipses tiles come pre-packed in WallArt commercial packaging of 12 and each tile measures 50 x 50; this will provide you with an eco-friendly, easy to hang and lightweight tiling area of 3m2.