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WallArt 3d walldecor walltiles Gaps design in villa


Our 3D wall decoration design Gaps is one of the most striking creations in our collection. The artistic maze of gaps and connections somehow bears a resemblance to the interior of a bee hive with its honeycombs. Compliments guaranteed. Could it also resemble a maze as the irregular shapes lead from one to another? Because of the asymmetric design, your eyes will constantly seek to find the differences in the shapes and it offers an incredible range of shadow and light. Definitely a contemporary design, Gaps offers a combination of extravagance and chic, regardless of whether you decide to leave it white or paint it to blend in or contrast with your own décor.


It has never been easier to achieve such a dramatic effect in a room, as, not only are all WallArt designs eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, they are also lightweight and incredibly simple to put onto the walls. In no time at all, you can transform your room from plain and uninteresting to having the Gaps wow factor. With 12 tiles to a WallArt commercial package, each measuring 50 x 50 centimeters and covering an area of 3m2, you will soon have that room revamped and looking spectacular.