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Isn’t it wonderful how a relatively simple shape can create such an enormous effect? Embossed 3D wall decor cubes are an ‘easy to use’ design that will fit right into every room and decoration style. Reminiscent perhaps of bamboo, they allow you to create a tranquil, somewhat oriental space where peace and calm will prevail. Maybe you will prefer to paint your Jayden panels in a pale yellow or something more bold - perhaps you love the pureness and clarity of the original white. Whatever you decide, the beauty of these stunning panels will, without doubt, be an asset to your home.


There is also no doubt that our Jaydan panels will provide an amazing 3-dimensional look that will enhance any room, whilst also making the property extremely attractive to home owners and property investors alike. They will enteral both guests, potential buyers and renters. Each of our WallArt embossed panels measure 50 x 50 centimeters and this wallcovering can be easily installed, by yourself, without professional help, as they are extremely light and simple to handle. A single WallArt commercial packaging contains 12 pieces of embossed wallpanels which will cover 3m2 of your wall.