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Who hasn’t ever played Tetris? Now you can bring this once world famous game back to life again with our Tetris 3-D board. Not only a well deserved ode but a pretty, splendid interior decoration as well! This highly contemporary design will look stunning in everything from a chic apartment through to a modern architect designed house. Consider it also for trendy business premises where your wall covering is as much in vogue as your ideas - Tetris will surely impress. Less is more and with this exquisite design and chrome, steel and black furnishings will look amazing. 


Our WallArt Tetris is certainly no computer game, although its unique pattern has been computer generated to perfection. Leave it pristine white or paint it to suit your own taste and furnishings, either way, it will create a tremendous impact as soon as anyone sees it. The Tetris wall covering is lightweight, so simplicity itself to hang for any novice DIYer, and it comes in easy to handle tile sizes of 50 x 50 centimeters. Each WallArt commercial packaging box contains 12 tiles which will cover a wall area of 3m2. 

3D Wall Panels Tetris design

This Tetris-Design reminds you of the popular computer game from the nineties. As addictive as that game was, as breathtaking our panels of the same name are. You can hardly take your eyes off of it. The 3D Wall Panels are with Paintable texture, oil proof, water resistant, 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable!


  • Dutch design
  • Hot selling item
  • 24 unique designs
  • Fast moving DIY consumer product
  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • High class packaging with 12 panels (total 3m2)
  • Proven successful for e-commerce sales
  • Popular item and best seller on the US market