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WallArt 3d walls Ventura design
WallArt 3d walldecors Ventura design


Some say this design reminds them of a modern bedrock wall. Others are thinking more of a mountain cabin. All we can say is that our 3D walldecor Ventura is an imaginative and inspiring design that looks great anywhere! As the panels catch the light, so the amazing quality and opulence of the Ventura WallArt relief panels will soon become apparent. Suitable for all ages of property, they will enhance everything from a trendy loft apartment through to a characterful cottage, and, being very light, they are incredibly easy to handle and put up. 


Our Ventura embossed wall panels are unrivaled for single feature walls or for covering a much larger area and are perfect as a backdrop for ultra-modern furniture through to antiques. Ideal for covering wall blemishes, these 3D Wall Panels are easy to install - in fact, you can do it yourself - so no need to go to the expense of getting in a professional. Ventura 50 x 50 centimeter panels come in stunning white, but, in order to match your colour scheme, they readily accept paint. Each commercial pack contains 12 3D-panels which will cover a total of 3m2. As with all WallArt wallpapers, Ventura is 100% recyclable, compostable and therefore biodegradable.