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3d walls wallart  in Better Interiors India

Better Interiors: India

Presenting an innovation in 3D decorative Wall panels from the Netherlands-based WallArt. If I ask you to imagine lining your walls with bagasse (the fibrous residue of sugarcane)… you are sure to go bonkers over the idea. But one look at the stunning creations of The Netherlands-based WallArt will change the way you look at this humble material. Not only in terms of the material usage. WallArt has set a new standard for wall decoration with their original and eco-friendly 3D wall panels which are 100 per cent recycled and compostable and therefore degradable. WallArt has over 20 stunning designs for a variety of tastes… so you can go retro with Ellipses or give your interior a dash of Africa with the Dundees or create an uber cool space with the Cubes. The possibilities are nearly endless! No wonder then, WallArt was chosen as one of the best and most innovative eco-friendly home décor products by interior designers in the United States. Reasons enough for the brand to bring their prestigious products into India for design enthusiasts. So are you ready to add an extra dimension to your interior?


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