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Arche-Texture: The shape of things to come
Quite famously, Michelangelo spoke of revealing a sculpture from its block of marble, as opposed to creating it. That approach to design was heavy on our minds as PANYLblog first gushed over the surface art created by two different companies: Giles Miller Studio and WallArt. Both studios employ texture and light reflection that result in a depth of form allowing feature walls to truly pop. 

In a great interview with FreshHome, Giles Miller discusses his evolution from corrugated cardboard to space-age ceramics, from working towards his BA to designing walls for Stella McCartney and the London Design Museum. "The effect of creating these [feature walls] using only texture and reflection is much more subtle than classic shades of color," Giles says, perhaps leaving out that they're breath-taking, to boot. 

A more commerically viable alternative to the high-end custom pieces from Miller's mind are the gorgeous wall tiles from WallArt (first spotted at Afro Chic). The only thing more exciting than the 20 different 3-D panels is that they're all 100% recycled, compostable and biodegradable. Made from the crushed sugarcane stalks that remain after raw sugar is extracted, the material is as innovative as the designs. The futuristic results are clean and stark, even as they're completely devoid of color.

No scissors, no glue, no mess.   Made from a no-VOC, flexible, hi-tech vinyl, PANYL can be applied by anyone in minutes.  It doesn't fade or peel, emits no off-gasses, and can in many cases be removed later without causing any damage to the underlying surface.