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There is no better design space than the effects produced by a rich and well-designed 3D wall panel lit by the best lighting. No matter if the wall panels or the lighting is of light or bold colors, the combination will always produce the atmosphere and the mood you would like to create. If you think that your home or office space lacks this excitement, then we have a collection of 3D wall panels which will enliven your rooms instantly. With multiple designs to choose from, our 3D plant fiber wall panels are created from fiber pulp (industry by-product or residue) and as such they are eco-friendly and have the ability to transform any setting by adding style and depth to it. and economical collection of decorative wall panels featuring a series of mother of pearl.


3D bagasse wall panels are produced from recycled sugarcane waste. A true green product !Chosen by various leading interior designers in Europe and USA as one of the hottest and most innovative ecofriendly home design products of the last years. 3D Wall Panels by WallArt are high quality Dutch designed 3D wall panels for creating easy out of the box awesome and trendy 3D walls.


Our 3D plant fiber wall panels are eco-friendly and come in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns, textures and colors. They can be painted into any color of your choice and their lightweight and ease of install makes them a huge favorite among homeowners. Our decorative wall panels are easy to clean and maintain and provide a luxurious touch to the interior wall space at a reasonable price. Perfectly suited to living rooms, dining rooms, night clubs, retail stores, shopping mall decoration, exhibition and trade shows, bar fronts, garden screens these panels give an extra dimension to the entire setting.