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Home Ideas Magazine: Ukraine

A Home Ideas Magazine in Ukraine wrote an article in their April 2012 magazine about the 3D wall decoration or dimensional wall paper from WallArt. With up to 20 different models there's a right choice for every liking! The way in which we decorate our interior has increasingly become a mirror of how we express ourselves. What you see is who we are. But not everybody is blessed with highly developed creative skills and even if you are one of the lucky ones it still can be surprisingly hard to find the right interior elements to fit your personality and style…


WallArt has solved these issues by introducing a completely new product for interior decorating. They developed and produced their famous 3D wall tiles which are made from ‘bagasse’. This is the fibrous residue of sugarcane stalks that remain after raw sugar is extracted from the juice of sugarcane by shredding it. This means that the panels are made from 100% recycled and compostable material and are therefore extremely eco friendly. But the best is yet to come. Because WallArt currently has 20 splendid designs in its collection which means there is a choice for nearly every taste! From the popular retro ‘Sweeps’ to the industrial ‘Bricks’ and the adventurous ‘Dundees’ design. You are bound to find something you like! And you can even take personalizing your living room, bedroom, study or office to the next level because WallArt embossed wall tiles are paintable in your favourite colour.