Wallart Original Brand
RiverClack at South Korea

RiverClack: South Korea

WallArt introduced their 3D Decorative Wall Panels & Tiles in Europe in 2011. Eco-friendly WallArt 3D Wall Decor & Covering are made out of sugarcane bagasse. A fibrous residue of crushed sugarcane stalks that remains after sugar is extracted from the juice of shredded sugarcane. Bagasse is a revolutionary raw material that is 100% recycled and compostable and therefore 100% biodegradable. There are 20 different models of the WallArt 3D Board & Wall Decor available.
WallArt Embossed Wall Panels & Tiles and 3D Design Tile are not only environmentally friendly but the 3D effect give an extra dimension to walls.


RiverClack Magazine published an article about decoration materials. They were so excited about WallArt 3d Wall panels and wall decoration made out of sugarcane so they made a full page print of it! WallArt 3d wallpanels made all of the walls pictured simply breathtaking with almost no effort!