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The Inside Track: India

WallArt offers eco-friendly 3D Wall panels to add pizzazz to your mundane walls. WallArt offers eco friendly 3D contemporary and modern wall panels. The product conceptualised by a leading Dutch design house. WallArt Europe B.V. has been available in Europe, parts of Asia and the United States for some time now. WallArt’s eco friendly 3D Wall panels are made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane know as bagasse. Bagasse is one of the world’s most rapidly renewable sources, as sugarcane can be harvested up to 3 times a year. The fibres of crushed sugarcane stalks from the raw material that acts as the base of the wall panels. These sustainable wall panels are thus 100% bio-degradable and 100% recyclable and compostable at the end of the life cycle. 


Wallart’s 3D wall panels are a do-it-yourself category product for interior walls and ceilings. They offer a modern European concept for interiors at affordable prices. The panels are 500mm x 500mm in size and designed to form a distinct pattern when put together. They can be glued to the wall with the panel butted together. The joints between the panels are then filled and sanded back. After installation they can be painted in any colour to suit the interior of the home or office. The wall panels can be easily installed over any surface having a paintable texture. 

Wallart’s panels are suitable for commercial, institutional or residential application. Additionally, they can be utilised in several areas in a home such as on bedroom walls, living rooms, staircases, display walls or for even highlighting some key spaces. The wall panels are fully water resistant and are available in 20 stylish patterns. However, they can even be custom made for bulk projects. Stylepark offers their products. Stylepark offers their products throughout India through select dealers and provides a comprehensive after sales service through their expert service team. Wallart’s decor panels give an extra dimension to walls adding a definite excitement to the space they are used in.