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3d wall in 3 Rings wallart

3 Rings

If you’re feeling a little tired of run of the mill paints and wallpapers, you will be pleased to know that decorative wall panel manufacturer, WallArt, has introduced a new design to its already extensive range. Called Cullinans, the symmetrical design provides a subtle pattern that reminds us of delicate origami paper, changing its appearance with the light and shadow throughout the day.  


The panels are a great solution for those looking to add interest to a room without having to invest a lot of time and money. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications the panels create a seamless connection when attached to the wall. Interestingly, all of WallArt’s panels are made from the residue of sugarcane stalks, a substance called bagasse, which is 100% biodegradable.  


Created by WallArt, these modern and Eco-friendly 3D panels are a great alternative to the common wallpaper and have a strong aesthetic effect, which manages to add “an extra dimension” to your home. Those 3D wall deco panels are designed that when put together form elegant contemporary patterns. The exciting effects of light and shadows transform the walls into spatial eye-catchers. Moreover, these panels can be painted in any color to suit your place, and turn a common interior into a room with an impact.