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Your Home – The Heaven right on this Earth! 3D wall panels are completely natural, 100% recycled, are compostable and are 100% biodegradable. So, you don’t really leave any footprint that your future generations or even current environmentalists will frown about!


Home Sweet Home…The final destination for solace where you find gazillions of happy moments, the place where you know you are loved, the place where those people live whom you care for, the place where you can be yourself for at least a few hours…Your Home – The Heaven right on this Earth! Why do you want to make it poisonous with harmful paints and environmental-damaging wall art? Why at all do you want to damage your precious environment – the very place where you survive? If at all you want to leave a world where your future generations can breathe without the fear of complete disaster caused by your very own hands, it is time you go green even for decorating the walls of your home. 

The eco-friendly 3D wall panels from MyWallArt International gives you a chance to let your family know that you care. Made of bagasse or the fibrous remains of sugar cane, these 3D wall panels can infuse new life to your otherwise mundane walls while staying environment friendly. Bagasse, the fibrous residue is received after the completion of the sugar making process. Do we really need to say that sugar is made out of sugar cane?


Available in sizes of 20”x20”, when these 3D wall panels from MyWallArt are placed side by side, they create unique repeating patterns that:


    •    Bring life to your walls.
    •    Play with light and shade and in turn play with your senses.
    •    Become a conversation starter.
    •    Fit well with rest of your interior aesthetics.
    •    Ensure a healthy environment in your house.
    •    Give you a cost-effective alternative to costly wall arts and paints.