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I love a good home diy! Just kidding. I hate diy's to be perfectly honest. And if it wasn't for my super capable babe, this latest undertaking would have never transpired. When I was contacted by WallArt and saw the possibilities, I knew I really wanted to collaborate. One look at the variety of wall panels they stock and I was sold. Specifically, I was immediately drawn to the "Tetris" style panels I ended up going with. The retro panels seemed to mesh perfectly with the flow and style of our home and I was inspired. I had the perfect place in mind and our entry-way wall was to be the canvas.


These particular wall panels are 100% eco-friendly, made with natural plant fibers, sugar-cane waste, to be specific. They are printed on recycled cardboard. Yes. These awesome-looking 3-D panels are cardboard. So, they're super lightweight and very easy to work with. Each box comes with 12 panels. Sized at 500mm x 500mm. Two boxes was sufficient to completely cover our entry-way wall. 


I chose the "Tetris" style panels but you can check out the other variations at www.mywallart.com. Each box comes with a handy visual aid, step-by-step instructions, for an easy installation process. 


Proper construction adhesive is needed for this project to ensure the panels adhere to the wall effectively. It is advisable that the walls be completely clean and free of dust before you start hanging the panels. You want to make sure the panels are going to stick and stay in place once on the wall.


Aside from adhesive, we did find it quite useful to have a skill-saw on-hand to accurately trim the panels we needed trimmed. Naturally, for the best appearance, Chris started hanging the panels from the bottom center of the wall and worked his way out. Invariably, the panels on the outer edges of the wall needed to be properly measured and trimmed.


So, this is our finished product since we have yet to paint. Luckily the panels are already white so for now we are forgoing the paint part. I actually think the panels worked out fine sans paint. And I love how this accent wall ads a nice touch to our home. A boring entry-way no longer! 


Granted, Chris did all the work...and my job was to take pictures! Ha! But from start to finish, this diy took about an hour and a half. Obviously the time it takes all depends on how much surface area you have to cover annnnd how savvy you are with home projects. The finished product is fun and fabulous!


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