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Our homes are our sanctuaries, our harmonious getaways from the world. Perhaps it's time for a renovation and decor rejuvenation or maybe just a sprinkle of renewed sparkle. What Works Design has discovered a great trend in wallcovering solutions, which makes it exciting and easy to refresh a room by cost-effectively reinventing a stale wall. 


With seasonal launches following colours and themes from fashion, wall features have become like fashion for walls and when choosing wallcoverings, we've become bolder than ever before. What Works Deslgn's eco-friendly 3D wall panels allow you to integrate your flair and favourite elements into your home with fantastic wall art. The panels can be utilised to create eye-catching feature walls or framed as an inspiring piece to suite your style and space. These panels can get your creative juices flowing - they can be used as a headboard or even as an alternative to an upholstered deepstudded headboard.