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Surfaces Reporter: india

Surfaces Reporter is India’s 1st dedicated magazine on Exterior-Interior products, projects & designs! The sole objective of the magazine is to be ‘the best ever platform’ in India, for delivering Building-materials related informative content, for the Specifiers, Builders and manufacturing fraternity, including general Design enthusiasts.


Made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane also called bagasse, the raw material used for WallArt 3d-wallpanels is 100% recycled, compostable and therefore 100% biodegradable. They are glued to the wall with the panels butted together. The joints between panels are then filled and sanded back. After installing, they can be painted in any colour to suit the interior of your home or office. Can also be installed for commercial use, like hotels, offices, lobbies, retail spaces, restaurants, trade shows exhibits and more, even applied on ceilings!


This edition is all about sustainability. So WallArt 3D Wall Covering & Board were a perfect subject for one of their latest issues. The article is about the eco-friendly material and the nice 3d effect you create with our 3d wallpaper!