Now that’s what we call retro! 3D embossed wall panels 'Sweeps' form WallArt takes you back to the good times. Every wall tile has a remarkable design that seamlessly transitions into the next tile! 3D wall panel Sweeps has a size of 50 x 50 cm and can easily be installed by yourself. A single commercial packaging contains 12 pieces of 3D wall panels which cover a total of 3 square meters of wall. 

€69.95 (per 3 M2)


Size: 500mm x 500mm
Quantity: 12 panels | 3 m2
Product: natural plant fiber
Eco Friendly: Eco Friendly
Colour: Paintable Texture


Expected Delivery Time : 2 – 4 days
Product Availability : This item is in stock and will be shipped immediately

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