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3D Wall Art - Kites | My Wall Art
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Kites Design - 3D Wall Panels

With Kites embossed wall panels, you’re turning your wall into a symphony of beautifully arranged facets, elements and dimensions. This lovely design is so intriguing that it will never be boring! As you study the pattern, you will soon understand how it got its name: kites flying high in the sky on an uplifting breeze, both beautiful and fascinating. The way in which this WallArt original design uses light is amazing - with highs and lows in abundance - creating a feature wall that is second to none and a real talking point, suitable for both homes and commercial premises. 


The superior quality of all our 3D wall decoration panels ensure that they will look pristine for a very long time, and, as they welcome a coat of paint, you are able to tone them in with your current décor or change the shade at any time. Kites 3D wallpanels are, as with all our WallArt designs, made from a 100% recyclable material and come packed in WallArt commercial cartons of 12: as each tile measures 50 x 50 centimeters, this box will cover a massive 3m2. Kites is lightweight and easy to hang yourself, ensuring that your perfect feature wall is finished in no time.


Down below you'll find an impression of our Kites 3D Wall panels.

Kites Design - 3D Wall Panels

Kites is the favorite of most interior designers at home and abroad. The geometric shapes of this design fascinate and create an unforgettable impression. Do you dare? The 3D Wall Panels are with Paintable texture, oil proof, water resistant, 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable!


  • Dutch design
  • Hot selling item
  • 24 unique designs
  • Fast moving DIY consumer product
  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • High class packaging with 12 panels (total 3m2)
  • Proven successful for e-commerce sales
  • Popular item and best seller on the US market
Kites Design - 3D Wall Art for your Living Room | MyWallArt.com