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Oberon Wall Art - 3D Wall Panels
3D Wall Tiles for your Living Room
WallArt 3d walls walldecor Oberon design in restaurant

Oberon Design - 3D Wall Panels

Give your interior a new boost! This interesting contrast is the best way to describe our 3d wallcovering Oberon design. Seemingly asymmetrical, this beautiful wall covering is not only perfect for flawed walls, it also produces a stunning effect with its play on light and shadow. It definitely has a unique and exquisite style of its own, making it the perfect choice for any period or style of property. It will sit beautifully alongside any other wall covering, including brick and stone, adding that extra dimension that only WallArt 3Dboard panels can do.


With its 3-dimensional effect, you will discover that your visitors will want to touch it because it has such an incredibly unusual look, yet is still flat allowing you to hang pictures, making the overall effect even more dramatic. If you wish, Oberon will readily accept paint, allowing you to adapt it to your décor and furnishings and all our panels are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. WallArt Oberon is very lightweight, making the hanging of it extremely easy, and, as each panel measures 50 x 50 centimeters, a box of 12 will cover a wall area of 3m2. 


Down below you'll find an impression of our Oberon 3D Wall panels.

Oberon Design - 3D Wall Panels

Dare to be square! The cubist pattern of our Oberon-panels is both cool and playful. This design fits in a modern interior and with people having guts.


  • Dutch design
  • Hot selling item
  • 24 unique designs
  • Fast moving DIY consumer product
  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • High class packaging with 12 panels (total 3m2)
  • Proven successful for e-commerce sales
  • Popular item and best seller on the US market
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